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The fifth Meeting

As project coordinators CFIE Valladolid had the honor to organize the 5th  and last transnational meeting.

All partners of the consortium were present and actively contributed to make the meeting useful and successful.

Tuesday 21st May

Arrival day.

Wednesday 22nd May

The director of CFIE, Jesús Rodriguez del Campo together with advisors from CFIE welcomed partners. 
We started the day on a visit to Divina Providencia School. This school is based in Tordesillas The school offers infant, primary secondary an vocational training courses. Primary and Secondary school is following a bilingual program and some subjects are taught in English. In Primary school  Design, Music and Phisical Education are taught in English. And in Secondary school History, Geography, Technology and Music. 
The head of the school welcomed all members of Sharetrain project. After a brief presentation explaining how the school is organized and what the vision and mission is, students from different levels were explaining the different projects they are involved in and how technology, alongside smartphones, tablets and other devices from VR headsets, robots etc  can enrich and engage sstudents in more interactive lessons. Among the latest trends, we had the chance to see the use of drones in the maths classroom and how it has been made part of their curricula. Students from secondary level were presenting the projects they are doing in STEAM. Students from 4th were presenting their projects in technology and they showed us apps they had designed and how VR, AR and robotics is integrated in their everyday learning . 
After  spending a wonderful time with the students , we  had  a fruitful brief meeting  exchanging experiences and talking about future plans.
After the school visit we had a cultural visit in the town of Tordesillas where we could see the houses of the Treat of Tordesillas and the Monastery of the Claras. After that, we had a working meal in the town. 

In the afternoon we could visit the House of Cervantes. The curator showed us around and talked about how the museum is cooperating with CFIE Valladolid in several teacher training sessions and designing teaching and learning  materials for primary and secondary . 

Thursday 23
rd May

Following the agenda partners met at CFIE Valladolid. The first meeting focused completely on evaluating and recapping information that partners had been completing in the  collaborative digital tool  and comparing answers given to key questions.
  • Special interest was devoted to the following:
  • Professional competences developed during the project
  • Impact of the project in the institutions
  • Aspects that should be improved
  • Dissemination and results.
  • Future projects and cooperation 
We reviewed the different activities and agreed on tasks such  as keep on disseminating the different outcomes and  schools visits in the four countries. 
After the coffee break the website was revised and latest updates were shown. The Polish magazine was presented. It was also presented the definite digital document that will collect all the schools and institutions that have collaborated with Sharetrain project and that will be uploaded to the web. The aim is to keep  schools   and the wider education community  informed if they  might be interested in finding partners for future projects .
A journalist from Ical News Agency visited us and interviewed the four partners institutions. The report will be distributed to local newspapers and will be published in June and July, before the project ends. 

At midday we visited the Science Museum. We visited the Math, Neuroscience and    sections and see the educational materials and  interactive resources displayed.   

Friday 24th May

As set in the agenda, partners were welcomed by Ms Pilar González García,  the general director of innovation and Equity and Education in Castilla y León and advisors from her department. We exchanged views and agreed that internationalization   is especially important today.  The knowledge and skills acquired will  promote positive changes in the  four insitutions involved and  will bring innovative teaching methods and result in new joint projects and collaboration.
 At midday we had a meeting with the provincial director of Education Ms Agustina García Muñoz  and, MrVictor González, Head of the department of Teacher Training Programs.  It was a fruitful meeting where we exchanged views and ways of implementing teacher training and teacher professional development in the 4 countries. 
Back to CFIE Valladolid, we completed a poster sketching the highlights of the project. It was a creative way to communicate  our views, feelings, experiences etc.,  using visuals and words.  

We closed the 5th and last transnational meeting with a working meal together with advisors of CFIE  and said goodbye to partners. 
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